Amusement and culture

In this wide region are organized very interesting Fiestas - also there are restaurants serving the finest delly, monuments, like the historical Monastery of Nea Moni and Agios Minas and Churches of great architecture interest like Panagia Krina or Panagia Sicelia. Architectural totalities of great historical value such as Kampos, Anavatos, Avgonima, and medieval castlelike villages such as Mesta, Olympoi, Pyrgi desist a few kilometers only from Agia Fotini, due to the road circuit of Chios being one of the best in the Aegean. The nature of the island is at it’ s best time during spring, the season that blossom the famous Lalades flowers (wild Tulips) that fill the fields around Agia Fotini beach and all the Mastihohoria, but also even during the summer you can encounter a great variety of wild flowers and plants of rare beauty. Agia Fotini region also has 5 restaurants, 2 café, 2 minimarkets and communication with the town of Chios. The distance from Chios town is 11 km’ s and 9 km’ s from the airport.