Southern Beaches of Chios island

Just after Agia Fotini beach, following the central road of Chios –Mastihohoria, to the south, the visitor confronts a series of wonderful beaches, easily accessible because of the asphalt and dirt roads that connect them with the main road. These are beaches for all tastes, others with sand and others with either big or small pebble, organized, partly organized, or totally virgin that provide to the visitor unforgettable moments of relaxation. Amongst the low hills, Shinos trees, Olive trees, Almond trees, come into view beaches such as Agios Aimilianos with the big Fiesta 8 of August, where small ships, the day before, transport the Pieta of the Saint, where also you can find the homonymous chapel. Continuing to the south we meet the beaches of Vokaria and Gridia, famous for their fishtaverns which provide fresh fish. At the Gulf of Kalamoti we can meet the most famous beaches of the island, which give the traveler the opportunity for sea sports, nice food, local products and much fun at the bars just next to the sea. There is also Lilikas and Viri, partly organized beaches, Komi beach, one of the most organized and certainly the most famous of them, Emporios beach, also known as Mavra Volia. The beach was named like that because of the big black pebble, as result of volcanic eruption during the prehistoric ages. The beach is partly organized, with interesting archeological sightings, that show off the great development that encountered that region during the ancient ages. Just after the Vroulidia beach towards southwest we can meet beautiful virgin beaches such as Avlonia, Kato Fana where we can find the temple of Faneos Apollo, Agia Dinami, Salagona, Trahilia and Apothika.